August 23, 2016

Hi! I’m Lisa Mendoza. I just transferred from Long Beach City College. Which took me almost a zillion years, but I finally made it. While at LBCC I was an […]

Hi, my name Alan Williams, I am a first-year transfer student from Ramona, California. For those of you wondering where Ramona is, it is a small town in San Diego […]

First of all, hello! My name is Megan Salazar. I’m a brand new transfer student from Fullerton College and I’m really excited to start my first year at CSULB. I’m […]

I am a History major and I am taking this class to learn about how the Internet can be used to help history become easier to learn and access.

From the article: “UVA English professor Stephen Railton and collaborators from around the country and abroad began the “Digital Yoknapatawpha” project several years ago and will continue developing the website, […]

Here’s an interesting article from a critic of the digital humanities for the Los Angeles Review of Books. The interview explore various reasons why some believe that Digital Humanities is […]