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Hey everyone,

My names Lucas Madrigal and I am a fourth-year history major with a minor in Political Science. I arrived at CSULB as a civil engineer major only to realize that history is what I really wanted to devote my time towards. I love to learn and study all history, and my focus is United States History and European History. I honestly wish I could take every history class offered, but the university wants me out of here already.  After graduation, I am interested in pursuing my Masters and to narrow my focus on the contemporary urban history of the United States.

I enrolled in 305 because I want to gain the experience and knowledge that is necessary for digital archiving and providing historical information for all to access. I would say that I am sort of tech savvy; however, I hope to learn how to create an educational, user-friendly website. I plan on building a site that analyzes and evaluates the gentrification of the Greater Los Angeles area following the Ellis Act of 1985 and the impact on the various communities of LA.

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