August 2016

Two or three things really struck me about the readings and material for this week. The idea that storage space will just continue to grow, the fact that DH is […]

Hi I’m Nick and I’m a little late coming into this class, but I’m pretty excited to learn about all this Digital Humanities stuff. The idea of a more democratic […]

Precursor to Our Conversation this Week

From a 2011 Brain Pickings post, “Digital Humanities Spotlight: 7 Important Digitization Projects” A good introduction and an interesting list of current projects.

Map of Contemporaries Six Degrees of Francis Bacon Conception Connection (This date in history around the time of your conception) Histography (Timeline that pulls data from wikipedia and is self […]

Hi everyone, My name is Golsa, I’m iranian, born and raised in Iran – Tehran and moved here 6 years ago for university. Unlike all the Iranian students who would […]

Hey everyone, My name is Tiffany Esquivel. Sorry took me so long to post. I seriously am way out of my comfort zone when it comes to technology or using […]

Hey guys! My name is Jonathan Baker, but all my friends call me Baker, and I’m from Oceanside, Ca. I surf, lifeguard, and used to play water polo. I’m a transfer […]

I am currently in my third semester at CSULB, with my eventual aims being, to finish my under-grad, get into a good graduate school, finish a Ph.D., and hopefully obtain […]

Hey everyone, I’m a senior history major who transferred from Santa Monica College with the long term goal of becoming a history professor. While my preferred fields are United States […]