Intro to the Elizabeth Murray Project

     The Elizabeth Murray Project, while functional, was in dire need of a user experience revamp. Through this project, we updated the timeline from the original site to Timemapper, expanded it to include important events from the time period which directly affected Murray, and completed the digitization and transcription of a few letters not featured on the original site. Using Timemapper we were able to build a more interactive and visual timeline of events where users can see events chronologically and on an interactive map simultaneously. The navigation bar leads users to the timeline with a simple “Timeline” tab while the letters are grouped together by correspondence under the “Letters & Transcription” menu. Our new site is meant to be a supplement to the original site until both sites are consolidated. When used together, these sites allow users to conduct their own research, using primary sources usually unavailable to all but university students, and draw their own conclusions about the life of Elizabeth Murray in 18th century America.

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