Intro to Mapping the Trail of Tears

The Trail of Tears is a tragedy that happened on US soil that is never truly talked about.  In history classes in elementary, middle and high school the teachers mention that the Indians were pushed from their land to what became Oklahoma, but very few ever go into detail.  16,000 Cherokee being removed from their homes, which an estimated 4,000 dying along the way and we never talk about it.  It is almost a thousand more people than the attack on 911, and yet most never hear much about it.

I created my website, Mapping the Trail of Tears, to help people with any interest, and any knowledge level, see the tragedy that occurred.  I included a page with an explanation of what was the Trail of Tears and what caused it. However, the main attraction is the interactive map; it lays out many of the deaths that occurred. I included all of the detachments that traveled along the Trail of Tears and their routes, and the deaths that have a location have been placed in or close to that location.   I chose to map the deaths along the Trail of Tears because, when I learned about the trail for the first time, I was very surprised by the number of deaths that occurred.  I believe that if people see the map, they will get inspired and want to learn more.  I hope that the map makes people look at just some of the people who died, and wonder why it is not talked about more.

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