Intro to CA Surf Culture Archive

The California Surf Culture Archive


The California Surf Culture Archive traces the influence of surfing in the construction of California’s cultural identity. By documenting the memorabilia of everyday surfers through the medium of a digital archive, the characterization of this imagined community begins to take shape. In partnership with the California State University Oral History Program, a series of interviews with surfers from Southern California have been included to document the experiences of these surfers and to understand how they influence the greater culture of Californians.

The Narrative juxtaposes clips from the interview and interpretive analysis of significant symbols of surf culture to foster a necessary dialogue on the ordinary surfers role in supplementing California culture. This work-in-progress template has infinite potential and after contributions from subsequent classes, could be used to educate millions interested in California cultural history with regards to surfing.

I intend to have the archive be open to users who can, after moderation, comment on the items in order to facilitate the surf history narrative. While it is not the focus of the archive, it will foster awareness and participation.

The California Surf Culture Archive has become the footprint from my collegiate experience at CSULB. As I am graduating at the end of the semester, I wanted to have something to look back on and showcase my acquired skills to potential employers and friends. I have always favored combining assignments whenever possible, therefore creating an oral history exhibit for ordinary surfers after interviewing a retired surfer became an enjoyable priority when doing homework.


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