May 2016

This class has been a great experience for me, and I feel that it helped me grow as a student of history. It introduced me to a part of history […]

     The Elizabeth Murray Project, while functional, was in dire need of a user experience revamp. Through this project, we updated the timeline from the original site to Timemapper, […]

The Trail of Tears is a tragedy that happened on US soil that is never truly talked about.  In history classes in elementary, middle and high school the teachers mention […]

Irene Warner HIST 305 -Sp’16 Self Reflection I signed up for this class because when I got the email and saw the flyer I was really excited about learning a […]

Coming into the class I didn’t know how wide the realm of Digital History and the tools used. I signed-up for the class hoping to learn what Digital History was […]

I signed up for this course because of an email telling me it was open and I thought to myself, ‘yea why not?’ I didn’t really know what to expect […]

Through my experience with digital media within the realm of history I have learned that technology creates a different way to analyze, distribute, and interpret information. The specific tools that […]

Intro to CA Surf Culture Archive

The California Surf Culture Archive The California Surf Culture Archive traces the influence of surfing in the construction of California’s cultural identity. By documenting the memorabilia of everyday surfers through […]

The concepts of digital history have developed my understanding and appreciation for how the subject of history can be conducted in partnership with scientific and technical knowledge using modern resources […]

In Conclusion

When I registered for this course, I imagined we would spend lots of time digitizing primary sources and making them accessible online. My understanding of digital history was vague and […]