Project Progress

New tool I will be using, OHMS, Oral History Metadata Synchronizer


OHMS will allow viewers to jump to a particular second within the interview page (by viewing a descriptive title about the synopsis).  This will look much better than a long, boring time-stamp list and then having to scroll the player bar to that second to listen.

Project narrative will flow thematically rather than chronological, with audio clips from the interview to better explain the items within each theme (music, cars, film, food, clothes)

I am interested in feedback for the layout of the narrative page as in the order, formation, alignment, etc. ¬†Also tips for creating a page that will be built off of later on… Alter content to prepare for additional interviews with surfers and more significant audio clips than mine OR create narrative as if it will never change???

Progress: I have added more items to archive, created numerous collections, and outlined the subjects discussed in the interview

Still to come: Adding OHMS tool (index Bill’s part), wrap up narrative, polishing, celebration

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