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Live Coding: Working with HTML, CSS and jQuery

Tomorrow morning 9:00 a.m. pacific.

Ever wanted to build a website from scratch? Join us Thursday, April 28th at 12PM EDT for a live 30-minute coding session. We’ll walk you through how to combine HTML, CSS, and jQuery to build a fully functioning site.


Thursday, April 28th at 12PM EDT (Noon)


We’ll be building Threadly, a website that lets you post status updates locally and see them appear on the fly. The project uses HTML, CSS and jQuery. We’ll be building this locally from scratch, so make sure you have a code editor (check out our article on installing Sublime Text) if you want to follow along.

Why Should I Join?

A professional developer will take you through, step-by-step, how to build an interactive website with HTML, CSS, and jQuery. If you’ve started learning on Codecademy, this is a perfect opportunity to learn how to apply your skills.

Want to go deeper?

Sign up for Codecademy Pro today to get access to a personalized learning plan built on exclusive content and projects like this one, and access to advisors ready to answer your questions.

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