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I first felt constricted working only off of just testimonials because it was difficult to follow the life of a soldier. This made my testimonials seem to either be missing parts of the interview, a photo of the interviewed or information after the war. Instead, I will be grouping the topics of the interviews and articles to create exhibits from the main idea. I have thought of creating a racial tension exhibit, general day-to-day of African American Soldiers, and ┬ácamaraderie exhibit to balance the racial exhibit. I’ve found more and more testimonies in text and audio in which I’m able to quote important exerts to draw attention to the exhibit. For now, I am still adding items and creating the framework of the exhibits.

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  1. I like how you problem solve and your new idea sounds much better. It might help to add more digital tools like maps and timelines in the exhibits along with maybe even adding an exhibit on popular cultures view of African-American soldiers in newspapers or tv shows. You might even be able to locate old military newsreels on soul soldiers, that they would show to the public back in the states at movie theaters. I’m a huge military history fan and always come across those AP archive videos on YouTube and elsewhere… just my 2 cents


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