Video games and History

I feel that video games are a new form of digital media that can be used somewhat to help with the learning process of history.  For accuracy of video games I feel that the base of the game should be pretty accurate but that miniscule things may hinder the creation of the game.  I feel if the creators of the game had the intent of being historically correct down to the little details, then these people should do their best in creating a game that does so.  For games like assassins Creed and others I feel that they are attempting to parallel with history but also to make an enjoyable game that people will play.  With that being said, games that have historical context can make general points without being caught up in small details.  Altogether I feel that video games should be meant for recreation and the historical context within these games can be a learning experience but more times than not the video games are going to be somewhat inaccurate to either add to gameplay or to add excitement to the story.

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