April 2016

Besides the designing work I’ve done for my website, the majority of my work has been done in research and collecting all of the deaths and the quotes and sources. […]

Project Progress

New tool I will be using, OHMS, Oral History Metadata Synchronizer OHMS will allow viewers to jump to a particular second within the interview page (by viewing a descriptive title […]

Live Coding: Working with HTML, CSS and jQuery https://www.codecademy.com/livecoding/build-a-website Tomorrow morning 9:00 a.m. pacific. Ever wanted to build a website from scratch? Join us Thursday, April 28th at 12PM EDT […]

From Vice: (https://news.vice.com/article/1979-revolution-black-friday-game-iranian-revolution) Reza sits, hands bound, in a dingy interrogation room. A single overhead light illuminates his face, bruised and bloodied by the soldiers who raided his safe house. […]

Project Progress Report

The majority of my work on this project has been spent taking photos of Mission Revival sites. This can be rather time-consuming because if I spot a building while driving […]

I first felt constricted working only off of just testimonials because it was difficult to follow the life of a soldier. This made my testimonials seem to either be missing […]

I found this interesting to me in response to the last post on the Oculus. Virtual reality in sports is coming soon…