Digital History and Games

Videogames are used for entertainment, but i believe they can be used as a hook when trying to not necessarily teach, but provide knowledge . Since it is just a hook the historical accuracy is accurate enough to provide a feel for the time and place. Some details shouldn’t be over looked like ┬áthe architecture, clothing, and technology because this defeats the purpose of plunging the player in the time period. The reason that video games are different from other historical forms is the interaction a player has with the era. The Oregon Trail may be simple, but it does instill the difficulty of crossing the country through harsh terrain and weather.

There is much historical potential that has not yet been fully utilized. I believe the problem is that many video games create these historically accurate places and times, but focus on altered history. To create a historically accurate video game we need to tap into story lines involving major events, as the player is seeing it through an average person of the time. This will allow for the events the player triggers to either be separate or help actual event. It is just a balance on what history people want to use and what history they want to alter for the sake of the game.

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