Best media players?

I’m hoping everyone can contribute what are their favorite media players to play their videos, music, etc. and why?

Characteristics can be file conversion, sharing capabilities, close caption, download links, etc.


  1. I personally use vlc media player. It can play all the major video files as well as .mkv which most movie and tv torrents use.


  2. I’ll second Robert’s choice. Without a doubt the best most versatile media player for Windows, Linux or Mac is VLC a portable, open-source, cross-platform, most importantly, free media player. It’s “play anything” swiss army knife of media players. I’ve yet to find a file it can’t play or convert. It’s also easy to use but has enough features to make advanced users happy. It allows for a number of optional third-party plugins to extend its features, supports skins and themes. It’s even available free as an iOS client so it will work on your iPad (search App Store for “VLC for Mobile”.


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