For my project, I wanted to focus on the impact that counter culture music had on the Vietnam War. How did music of the 1960’s and early 1970’s change the political landscape of the Vietnam War and the Civil Rights Movement? I want to create an instructive website using GIS and gallery of concerts, album covers, and rallies across the US.

I want to aim this website to a young adult audience. The audience would be my peers because at this age politics enters our daily lives, while we still follow the newest music. I believe that if they learn that the media they listen or create can help establish their political views on problems we have today. Social media and music can be tools to question American foreign policies.

The most difficult part of this project would be tie a vast library of artists’ music to the problems I the American home front. I will also have difficulty seeing what music I can use without violating copyright laws. I would use lyrics and Counterculture articles from the library. I would use articles to snip the parts music has been used and piece together to create a narrative. I want to use a website creator like Weebly. They do offer a set up that would allow me to create a gallery, descriptions, but I am not sure if it will allow me to use interactive timeline or maps.

Example of an Article I will use

Morant, Kesha M.. “Language in Action: Funk Music as the Critical Voice of a Post—civil Rights Movement Counterculture”. Journal of Black Studies 42.1 (2011): 71–82. Web.

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