March 2016

When dealing with historical settings and events, video game developers have a duty to make their game as historically accurate as possible. A misplaced button on a shirt or an item at a […]

Videogames are used for entertainment, but i believe they can be used as a hook when trying to not necessarily teach, but provide knowledge . Since it is just a […]

Historical accuracy is very important in history based video games for several reasons.  The first that comes to me is doing a reverence to veterans who fought in those battles […]

I know we decided against making our own websites this week, but I already had the domain so I made one anyways. It’s still a work in progress, and as […]

This week we’ve been exploring what a digital identity is and how and why you should control it. In other words, we’ve looked at how your personal lives and your own pasts […]

I’m hoping everyone can contribute what are their favorite media players to play their videos, music, etc. and why? Characteristics can be file conversion, sharing capabilities, close caption, download links, […]

Journal of Rev. Daniel Butrick Brainerd. May 26. 1838 [Saturday] “Women absent from their families on visits, or for other purposes, were seized, and men far from their wives and children, […]