For my Ngram I tried looking at the popularity of the canned “meat” SPAM throughout the last 100 or so years and compared that popularity to events going on at the time that might have helped boost that popularity. The other two keywords chosen here are WWII and Email. Notice how SPAM has a surge of popularity during the years of WWII. Not surprising since the canned meat was sent overseas to troops as cheap and easy food rations. Although It was sent in multitude overseas to American soldiers at the front, it was surprisingly unpopular among the troops and after the war, the returning troops tended to avoid SPAM at the grocery store and it soon dipped in popularity. The second keyword I chose is Email. Most modern Email accounts have an inbox specifically for junk mail called the ‘Spam’ folder. The rise of Email and spam folders might be a factor explaining the rise of SPAM’s popularity in the last couple of decades. I will go more in depth on the history and rise of SPAM to a food icon in my digital history project.spamgram

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