Ngrams of Serial Killers

Ngrams Serial Killer

For my Ngrams I used three well known serial killers Jack the Ripper, the Zodiac killer, and the Son of Sam. These killers were picked because they all are from different time periods and all three used the media during their killing sprees.
People can learn from the Ngrams to see the media’s role can fuel a killer. Using the media, a killer has a podium to speak any message they want and get attention. Jack the Ripper gave his name and taunted the police since he misdirected their search. The Zodiac Killer used encrypted letters and gained popularity in California. Lastly the Son of Sam used the media to concoct a story in which a demon in his neighbor’s dog instructed him to kill. The media loved to cover his story that it gave him notoriety and an audience. Because of these cases the media has to be aware of the influence and attention it gives to killers. They have to keep in mind of copycats. As we live in a world were media can cover stories within the hour and spread like wildfire, unstable people believe they can get attention by committing these crimes. They become myths and part of the pop culture. The Zodiac Killer got his own movie, Son of Sam is always examined in crime shows and Jack the Ripper has become a legend in pop culture. His name appears in books trying to figure his identity, and songs explaining his story. I believe searches on the killers are now used to understand the mind of a killer, which is rising as we see if people can change from a corrupt mind.

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