Maps Visualization

Th significance of using mapping technology in digital history is the visualization aspect.  Actually seeing where something happened or where someone was at at a certain time is a totally different experience than reading about it.  For example with our map, I knew that Jack the Ripper killed in a certain part of London, but I had never realized that they were so close together. Our map is telling the story of the 5 confirmed victims of Jack the Ripper. It shows who was killed where and when.  I think that it is useful in showing just how contained Jack the Ripper was.   Because he is such a large figure, many think that he killed many more women and that they were all over London, yet this map shows that according to the police, and the murders that they could actually pin on him, he killed only within a 2.4 mile area.  I think that the advantages of mapping are various, but some are that it is easier to imagine any travel, or analyzing the spread of something.   The disadvantages of using mapping have to do with how much detail of a story one can include, or finding the exact spot on a newer map for something that occurred decades or centuries ago.

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