Week 4: Mapping Digitally

Mapping technology is an effective way to visualize history free from the static medium of printed paper. Digital maps can be interactive and have the potential to display a variety of information. I think digital maps that show the progression of a population, industry, or concept throughout time and space are a great way to utilize mapping technology.

This week Colin and I partnered up to map the life of early surfing pioneer, George Freely. Our map is intended to highlight the key events of Freely’s life and to display how his legacy is remembered in Southern California. Our map utilizes the “point” function of Google Maps, what I imagine as a digital version of pinning notes and photos on a paper map. As such, I think our completed map is a type of scrapbook for Geroge Freely’s life where we have pasted information and images onto places where he lived and surfed. Through this technology I hope we were able to make the narrative of George Freely’s life more visual and memorable.



  1. You guys need to make your link “public,” “view only.” Right now the link goes to a permission page.


    1. Thanks for the heads up, I’ve changed the settings.


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