Week 2-Assignment 2

Starting with data aggregation as one of the three different types of data interaction, this is a form of collecting historical data and doing the work of getting the info processed in a smaller form. This makes it easier for others to get certain information quicker because the work was done ahead of time. The preservation of data is pretty basic and consists of the effort put together to keep information in public for others to see. Keeping up webpages for educational use in history takes effort and the ability to maintain consistency of protection and preservation. The last form of historical data interaction that I read about was that of curating data which is the process of preparing historical documents so that it is easier to filter through the mass archives that some historical websites have. To curate data is to also attempt to maintain as neutral as possible as to keep opinion out of the resources.

Secondly, some of the readings I read about talked about some of the tensions that surround the historical community. I want to talk about the specific tension of the free access of information versus the property rights of the people who put their work into the pieces of work. I side with that of free access of information because I feel as long as the historical pieces are correctly documented and give the creator credit then it should be publicized so that others have the right to learn without financial restrictions.

Also, I feel I would attempt to digitally preserve my family history in the way the man did in the reading “One Family’s Personal Digital Archive Project” where he just took everything he could find and scanned it into his computer. I feel like this is the most neutral way of preserving history and that without picking and choosing go up, people are given the ability to see a broader range of my life. I would probably keep the documents private until I reached an older age and then would pass it on to family or put it up on the internet with its entirety. I would avoid writing long paragraphs with my documents but little lines that give the date, names of people that may be in the photo and a little description of what the document was. I feel my collection would be individually made as to give a picture of my life instead of my family but my family would play an important role in who I am as an individual.

Finally, I think that archivists’ just need to archive what is important to themselves and with the amount of digital historians that are coming into the scene will create a diverse learning experience. I also feel that the type of technology used is best up to the choice of the individual who is making the project but I would advise that keeping the layout simple would be the best to go since the real focus is still on the historical documents and interpretation.

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