February 2016

Project Proposal and Ngram Viewer

For my project I will be using visualizations and a digital archive.  I plan on creating an exhibition for a digital archive, that will use both sources and visualizations to […]


For my Ngram I tried looking at the popularity of the canned “meat” SPAM throughout the last 100 or so years and compared that popularity to events going on at […]

Ngrams and interpreting data

Google’s Ngram viewer is an extremely powerful tool for historical analysis. Because it looks at books published from 1800 to roughly 2000 we can get a pretty accurate idea of […]

Ngram "War" Graphs

Being a huge military history buff I decided to pick the most popular wars America fought in since the Revolutionary war.  View Here. A few obvious conclusions are the fact […]

Ngrams of Serial Killers

For my Ngrams I used three well known serial killers Jack the Ripper, the Zodiac killer, and the Son of Sam. These killers were picked because they all are from […]

Podcasts are digital history! (note: not all podcasts) I like podcasts and I like history so I like podcasts about history very much. Podcasts are digital audio files made available […]

Ngrams and Taco Bell

Mission Revival is an architectural style embedded in Southern California’s built environment. The style draws inspiration from the California Missions and can be seen on a variety of buildings: private […]

Colin McGuinness Hist 305: Digital History Prof. Smith 2/19/16 Project Proposal The final digital project for this class will be an oral history interview with a retired famous surfer from […]