Week 2.2 Assignment

An archivist preserves, curates, and aggregates data. To preserve data is to maintain it so it lasts while remaining useful. Curating data is looking after it, while aggregating is bring the data together. One major challenge with digital archiving is funding. Bringing together the equipment and staff to digitize material sources can be quite expensive.

In order to preserve my family’s history I would have to ask all members to get involved. Unfortunately most of my relatives on my mother’s side,are 1,000-2,000 miles away, but having a website with the family as admins would make collecting photos, official records, and personal stories much easier. This project would also be made easier by the fact that my maternal grandfather has started to research his family tree, and my father’s side of the family already have a website that documents their family tree. I would include as many people’s history on the site as possible as an archive but organize each family by last name as collections. Having a curator for each family would make collecting data and deciding what to include on the site much simpler. Deciding what to include on the site would depend on what information the family is comfortable with disclosing. Including a site map set up like an extensive family tree in order to make navigating the site a little easier.

When determining what data to include in an archive,curators must decide which materials pertain to the theme of the collection. For example, if the archive is about WWII Britain a poster for the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II should not be included, but a picture of her in her uniform working on a Land Rover would be appropriate.

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