Week 2.1 Assignment

The websites I looked at for this week included the Emancipation Project, Great Molasses Flood, Emilie Davis Diaries, and Mapping the Republic of Letters.

As someone with a short attention span when I look for information on the internet I expect to get it as soon as possible without much effort. Omeka offers digital historians options to present information in a way that is interesting and that engages easily distracted site visitors like myself.

The first two websites I looked at I found unappealing. The Emancipation Project not only had a cover page that did not really explain what the site was about, it also was hard to find any information on the site without clicking on all of the links provided. Molasses Flood was similar in that it did not explain what the site was all about. It seemed to just be a highlighted newspaper with quotes on the side. A navigation bar would have been helpful for both of these sites that leads to an “about” page that clearly explains the aim of the website as well as a search bar to quickly find information you might be looking for.

On the other hand, Emilie Davis Diaries had information that was easy to find with links to specific page numbers, popular search terms, and a search bar if your looking for something specific. The Mapping of Letters is a visually stunning website that offers a new way to study correspondence letters. It makes it easy to find relationships between the correspondents that would have been difficult using the original letters alone and presents the relationships in way that is both interesting and easy to understand.

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