The website I enjoyed most when looking at the list of Omeka sites was the “Guilded Age Murder” page partially because I enjoy reading about that section of history but also because the website was not as clunky as a couple of previous websites that I had viewed from the list of websites given. I like the idea of using WordPress for my project because of its accessibility for all to see.

I felt some of the issues with the websites that were difficult for me because the built of the site was out of date and the scheme is hard to figure out where the author wanted my eyes to wander as I looked throughout the website.

One of the ideas that I have been thinking about before I joined this class was to make a website that would give history of the Pacific Crest Trail but also I would want to couple the history with a web tool that helps people plan their hiking trips and give tips to people who are interested about hiking the trail. They have websites like these already but they are very basic and lack any real information about the history behind the hiking trails that they aim to uncover.

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