Week 2.1-Omeka Sites

I looked at a lot of the sites briefly, but spent some time looking around at The Great Molasses Flood site, The Gilded Age Murder site, University of Houston’s Digital History site, and the Valley of the Shadow Site. I think that there is a lot that is possible with omeka but to use it effectively one must be creative and really know who their audience is. I think it would be best used to help teach history to younger kids especially with touch screens it allows for the user to get very interactive and I think that the younger kids would benefit from it most.  One if the tiils I liked best was on the valley of the shadow site, it had animated battle maps and it was really cool to actually see where a single unit was deployed for skirmishes and where they moved around for battles.

The Great Molasses Flood site was interesting.  I think this is something that would get kids to explore the site more and engage with it.  However I found it weird that there were not any other pages or newspaper pieces that could be viewed, and I was not a fan of the different colors on the individual letters of the title, it did not make sense as to why only some of them were choses and why those letters as they didn’t really seem to have a lot to do with the articles or sources they brought up.

The Gilded Age Murder site I found to be slightly difficult to navigate even though there were only a few pages.  Thou I really enjoyed the map of the city. Especially because when you clicked on a specific building pictures of what it used to look like were shown.  However I do think that the descriptions attached to the buildings should have been more in-depth.

University of Houston’s Digital History site was cool mainly because of the fact that it was easy to explore and you could choose different eras and then within each it was possible to choose what type of source you wanted to look at.  I also thought that it was cool that they had music you could listen to and movie trailers you could watch from most of the eras.  I really enjoyed the organization of this site and the ease of access.

The Valley of the Shadow Site seemed very simple and almost unfinished, and the information was difficult to find at times, you really had to know what you were looking for.  That said I really enjoyed the animated battle map, and the little diagrams for navigation.  I think that all of these sites had good parts and bad parts.  I liked the organization, the animated maps, and being able to click on things that are not normally clickable to see additional information.  However I think that they all had parts that needed work on accessibility or design.

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