Week 2.1

I took the time to inspect each site briefly but I settled primarily on the University of Houston’s Digital History site, Omeka’s Valley of the Shadow, The Great Molasses Flood, and Mapping the Republic of Letters. I think Omeka is an excellent means of presenting information useful to presenting history to people. It’s excellently formatted and makes data seem far more interesting then just a table.

Valley of the Shadow seemed very incomplete and simplistic in it’s approach which I’m not sure is the best way to engage someone inspecting the website, however it did do a good job at keeping things formatted neatly, so that’s a plus.

The University of Houston site is easily the best site I looked at. It appeals visually and it’s homepage is beautiful, easy to read, and absolutely perfect in my opinion. Ease of use and good information formatting. The music and movie trailers sections were awesome.

In terms of just pure cool factor and my own personal interests, the Republic of Letters was absolutely fantastic. I think it’s a perfect example of what possibilities Digital History gives us in terms of potential. It’s easy to use and informative.

The Great Molasses Flood site was not that great, I understand what they were trying to do but the way it’s formatted just is very unappealing to the eyes and it’s hard to dig into the information presented.

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