Kathryn Reuter: an Introduction

Hello! I am a junior majoring in History (focusing on Modern European and American history) and minoring in American Studies. When I’m not studying or working I enjoy reading, watching films, and going to museums and concerts. I am taking this course because I am interested in pursuing a degree in Library and Information Sciences. In this class, I hope to gain experience working with digital tools and to participate in the democratization of information.

IMG_7469Here is a photo of me at one of my favorite cultural/ historical sites in Southern California. If you recognize where I am, tweet me @kathryn_reuter


  1. Trying to place the mural, it looks like Judy Baca’s work but I can’t see enough of it to be sure. Pleasure having you in class.


    1. Good guess but this photo was taken at Chicano Park in San Diego. The Chicano Park Historical Documentation Project has a website that is an example of digital history: http://www.chicanoparksandiego.com


  2. That was my second guess and one most interesting park spaces in Southern California. I have a colleague that works on graffiti, murals and public art and think it would be an interesting project to map these sites and provide photos and historical context like the Mural Conservancy (http://www.muralconservancy.org/murals) is doing around Los Angeles.


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