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Hi all,

My name is Irene Warner, and I am a hopefully graduating senior majoring in history and minoring  in web design.  A little bit about some of my favorites. My favorite color is purple and I really like neon colors on web pages though they aren’t very practical. My favorite foods are French fries and chocolate ice cream. And I whine pitifully when I feel that the weather is too cold or too hot,  my idea temperature is about 74-84 with both shade and sun.  I am taking this class because I am quite interested in archiving,  and while I like having the books and papers physically there the hold.  I realize that putting everything online is a great help to everyone and makes everything so unchanged more accessible.  I am really looking forward to learning how to create a database to house an archive and how one goes about setting up a digital archive.  After last class I am also quite excited about learning how to make maps and other visuals that will make visualizing data and topics that I see as huge easier.  I am really excited about this class.

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  1. I hope we can put your designs skills to work. I’d lay off the fluorescents however.


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