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As we move through the class, I’d like you to use this space in three ways. First it will be the place where you’ll post the bulk of your work and links to the hands on projects we are working through this semester. I’d also like you to use this space as a place to reflect on your work, frustrations, successes and failures (there will be some of those) as you progress through the class. In this capacity the blog will serve as a work journal  a complete record of your research, the readings you’ve done for class, your participation in the labs and group project, the discoveries you’ve made along the way and the issues that crop up as you complete your projects. Lastly, I’d like this blog to serve as a clearing house of ideas, of thoughts about DH and place where we can share new stories or interesting links that feature DH. You should plan on posting at least once a week, but I’d like to see even more. These posts should be largely informal, unless noted in a prompt and will be graded largely as participation. I look forward to reading your thoughts and learning about what interests you.

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