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Hello everyone my name is Colin McGuinness.  I have finally arrived at my final semester here at CSULB.  I am taking this class as an elective along with 2 others including 499.  My passion for history is broad but my emphasis are European and American History.  I have always considered myself a tech lover and even had a sales job at Bestbuy in San Diego where I worked in the Computers and Tablets department and learned pretty much everything I know about technology in electronics.

When I saw the email advertising the class I was immediately interested in learning more about Digital History since history itself can’t help but become modern in this day and age.  I have acknowledged the increase in demand for history majors with the ability to incorporate their skills to apply to the masses, such as computer run programs in historical museums and so on.  I hope to further my skills in this class to help me become more employable to big companies.

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