January 2016

The differences between preserving, curating, and aggregating data is that preserving data is simply maintaining its existence, curating is making sure the data is well kept and looked after and […]

An archivist preserves, curates, and aggregates data. To preserve data is to maintain it so it lasts while remaining useful. Curating data is looking after it, while aggregating is bring […]

The websites I looked at for this week included the Emancipation Project, Great Molasses Flood, Emilie Davis Diaries, and Mapping the Republic of Letters. As someone with a short attention span […]

  I think Omeka is a great tool for preserving and archiving history. It makes creating a website for archival purposes easy for those who don’t have the skills of […]

While the preservation, curation, and aggregation of data and artifacts is important to any kind of history, they each are very different when it comes to digital history. Preservation is […]

  The website I enjoyed most when looking at the list of Omeka sites was the “Guilded Age Murder” page partially because I enjoy reading about that section of history […]

The curation of data involves ongoing management and presentation of data throughout their usefulness to scholarship.  Preserving data means making sure that data continues to be available for as long […]

Well, this is embarrassing… I saved the draft instead of posting this. I gotta make sure I hit the “Publish” button rather than the “Save Draft” button next time. The […]